Be a code Superhero
Your code - made perfect
Find and fix mistakes before they reach your codebase
Apply your coding standards and code style to every commit
Spend more time shipping features and mentoring

What Sidekick does for you

We help you to always commit code that meets your coding standards.
Your code will be free of obvious defects and have perfect style.
Find out before you break the build that your changes contain errors.
Breaking the build wastes your time and can really slow development. Make sure your code will always turn the build green.
We help you learn by providing detailed help that explains the cause of your defects as well as how to fix.
New developers can learn to meet your standards at their own pace, without constant review from more senior team members.
Everyone likes working on clean code.
Great teams produce great work. Show you're dedicated to writing great code and your team will rise to the challenge.
Better code reviews.
Code-review can feel personal if you pick up on the same issues again and again. Sidekick automatically annotates the easy stuff so you can concentrate on mentoring.

How Sidekick works

You write code however you currently do and then push when ready.
Sidekick will appear in your terminal and let you know we are analysing the push.
Our app scans the files in the push for style issues and code defects.
By default, we only scan for issues in the the lines that you have changed.
If we don't find any issues, then the push simply goes through.
We don't alter the contents of the push in any way.
If we find issues, then we highlight the problems and let you know how to fix.
We open our editor and show you all the issues in one place.
You can fix the problems right in our app.
We even have emacs and vim key-bindings :-)
You can then continue with the push, but with your fixes included.
We amend the push to include an extra commit that contains all your fixes.

Supported languages

Currently we support JavaScript, CoffeeScript and Ruby.
We are adding new language support all the time and will be launching a way for you to write your own analysers.